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Património Cultural

Laboratório de Conservação e Restauro do CNANS

The Conservation and Restoration Laboratory of the Nautical and Underwater Archaeology National Centre (CNANS), which belongs to the Division for Safeguarding the Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (DSPAA) of the Department of Cultural Assets (DBC), is responsible for the conservation of artifacts and structures originating from wet archaeological contexts. This laboratory has specific equipment such as units for impregnating large-scale organic materials, namely for wood structures and large-scale units for electrochemical treatment of metal artifacts.

Attention should be drawn to the treatment given to two dugout canoes from the river Lima. This was the result of a cooperation protocol between the DGPC and the Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática - ARQUA, in Cartagena, through the Subdirección General de Museos Estatales (SGME).